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Name: Berman, Marcia and Ensemble

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Title: Ikh Bin A Kleyner Dreydl (Eng) -- איך בין אַ קלײנער דרײדל (ענגליש)
Also known as: Dreydl Song
Also known as: I Have A Little Dreydl
Author: Grossman, Samuel S.
Author: Grossman, Samuel S.
Composer: Gelbart, Mikhl -- געלבאַרט, מיכל
Composer: Goldfarb, S. E.
Genre: Children/Khanike/Chanuka/Holiday
Subject: Dreydl/Lead/Play
Origin: Coppersmith NJS 23
Music: Coppersmith NJS 23/ML YT 33
On album: C-002(b) (Chanukah At Home)
Track ID: 6977
Artist Berman, Marcia and Ensemble
First line: I have a little dreyld, I made it out of soap,

Title: Mi Y'mallel -- מי ימלל
Genre: Chanukah
Subject: History/Story/Hero/Maaccabees/Temple
Origin: Alb G-017(a)/Coopersimith 1 32/Alb P-040(a)/Coopersmith HCB 13/Metro Album 48
Transliteration: G-017(a)/Bugatch 248/Vorbei 449/Schwartz 8/Coopersmith HCB 13/
Translation: G-017(a)/Coopersmith 1 32/Vorbei 449/Schwartz 9/Alb P-040(a)
Music: Bugatch 248/Coopersmith 1 32/Schwartz 9/Coopersmith HCB 13/
On album: C-002(b) (Chanukah At Home)
Track ID: 10402
Vocal Berman, Marcia and Ensemble
First line: Mi yemalel g'vurot Yisroel? Otan mi yimne? Hen bekhol dor...
First line:מי ימלל גבוּרוֹת ישׂראל? אוֹתן מי ימנה? הן בּכל דוֹר יקוּם הגיבור..
Track comment: "Who can retell the things that befell us?" Who can count...
Language: Hebrew/English

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