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Name: Tobias, Charles

Songs written or composed

Title: Comes Love
Author: Brown, Lew
Author: Stept, Sammy H.
Author: Tobias, Charles
Composer: Brown, Lew
Composer: Stept, Sammy H.
Composer: Tobias, Charles
Genre: Pop/English
Subject: Love/Rainstorm/Calamities/Irresistible
Origin: Ephemera 1518

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On album: M-059(g) (Metropolitan Klezmer Live/ Traveling Show)
Track ID: 41887
Accordion Butera, Ismael
Trumpet/Fluglhorn Fleming, Pam
Violin/Ney Flutes Hess, Michael
Acustic Bass/Tuba Hofstra, Dave
Vocal Karpel, Deborah
Clarinet/Alto Sax Kreisberg, Debra
Artist: Metropolitan Klezmer
Clarinet/Dumbeq/Arranger Sicular, Eve
Trombone Regev, Reut
First line: Comes a rain storm, some rubbers on your feet, comes a snow storm, you can get..
Language: English
Style: Concert/Pop
Length: 4:39

Other tracks with this artist

Title: Levine Der Groyser Held -- לעװין דער גרױסער װעלט
On album: K-030(d) (Kapelye On The Air Old Time Jewish American Radio)
Track ID: 22401
Artist: Kapelye -- קאַפּעליע
Author Tobias, Charles
Composer Herschal, Harry
Vocal Sapoznik, Henry -- סאַפּאָזניק, הענעך
First line: In an aeropleyn iz dos geveyzn, vi a groyser man hot...
First line:אין אַן אַעראָפּלײן איז דאָס געװעזן, װי אַ גרױסער מאַן האָט...
Track comment: Part of WCOP Boston, Jews In The News

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