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Title: A Yidish Kind Fun Poylen -- אַ ייִדיש קינד פֿון פּױלען
Author: Tsesler, Shmuel -- צעסלער, שמואל
Genre: Holocaust/Lament
Subject: Wandering/Anguish/Escape
Origin: Vinkov 4 149
Transliteration: Vinkov 4 149
Translation: Vinkov 4 149
Music: Vinkov 4 149


On album: G-006(b) (Songs Of The Ghetto Years of Despair Sung...by Sarah Gorby)
Track ID: 18765
Vocal Gorby, Sarah -- גאָרבי, שׂרה
Arranger/Director Lasry, Jacques
First line: Zumer geyt a regn, vinter geyt a shney, in a veyste vegn...
First line (Yiddish):זומער גײט אַ רעגן, װינטער גײט אַ שנײ, אין אַ װיסטע װעגן...
Language: Yiddish

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