Look up work ale, ale in eynem in a hoys a sheynem, mir veln …

Sheet Music

Title: Fun Downtown, Uptown
Author: Thomashevsky, Boris -- טאָמאַשעװסקי, ברוך
Composer: Rumshinsky, Yosef -- רומשינסקי, יאָסף
Genre: Theater
Subject: Mobility/Immigration/Class/Address/Place/Change
Origin: Alb G-013(a)
Transliteration: Sheet Music 862
Additional song notes: From the musical "Op Toun Doun Ton"
Folder: 862
Series: 4
Arranged for: Voice/Piano
Texts: Transliteration
Publisher: The Hebrew Publishing Co.
Publisher address: 50-52 Eldridge St. New York, NY
Date: 1916
Provenance: Gift of Robert & Molly Freedman/Purchased from Sal Kliger/KlezKamp 2005
First line: Ale, ale in eynem in a hoys a sheynem, mir veln …
Notes: Part of program of selected music from Kornblith's musical comedy, "Uptown, Downtown". Purple lettering, Yiddish/English. Photos of Tomashefsly and Rumshinsky and two other males and two females.

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