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Album title: Uncle Moses (Video) -- אָנקל מאָזעס (ווידיאָ)
Album ID: V0012
Format: Video
Publisher: Yiddish Talking Pictures, Inc.
Date of Issuance: 1932
Playing Time: 80:00
Language: Yiddish
Provenance: Gift of Robert & Molly Freedman
Genre: Drama
Where Produced: USA
Number of Tracks: 1
Additional Notes: English Subtitles
Penn Library Link: PJ5109.A8 U622 1900z


Title: Uncle Moses -- אָנקל מאָזעס
Author: Asch, Sholom -- אַש, שלום
Genre: Film/Militant
Subject: Labor/Strikes/Union/Boss/Sweatshop/Love/Values
On album: V0012 (Uncle Moses (Video) -- אָנקל מאָזעס (ווידיאָ))
Track ID: 33824
Uncle Moses Schwartz, Maurice
Music Polonsky, Samuel
Director Goldberg, Rubin
Director Goldin, Sidney
Actor Abarbanel, Judith
Actor Goldberg, Rubin
Language: Yiddish
Length: 80:00

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