Hoffman, Avi
March 3, 1958 (Bronx, NY)
Related information in folder 720:
1. Article in Yiddish Forward, Feb. 10, 2006, titled "Adresat Umbakant" by Miriam Shmulevitsh Hoffman, New York, reviewing Florida production of " Address Unknown" directed by and starring Avi Hoffman.

2. 10/12/2012 Article in the Yiddish Forverts of Oct 12-18, 2012 by Leyzer Burko titled " Avi Hoffman Vi Itzik Manger" (Avi Hoffman as Itzik Manger)

3 June 21, 2017 Article in the Summer Issue of the Pakentreger titled "Profile: Avi Hoffman, Interviewed by the Wexler Oral History Project."

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