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Name: Workmen's Circle Chorale

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Title: Yugnt Himen -- יוגנט הימען
Also known as: Himnon Hanoar
Also known as: Youth Anthem
Author: Kaczerginski, Shmerke -- קאַטשערגינסקי, שמערקע
Composer: Rubin, Bayse -- רובין, בײַסע
Genre: Holocaust/March/Anthem
Subject: Youth/Hope/Militant/Future/Resistance
Origin: Ephemera 1203/Kaczer 325/Alb V-001(a)(b)(c)/Alb D-004(g)/Alb B-086(a)/
Transliteration: Alb D-004(n)/ML WAR 88/Alb B-086(a)/Alb F-032(a)/Alb Z-010(g)/Alb R-007(f)5
Translation: Ephemera 1204/Alb D-004(n)Alb R-07(f)5/Alb O-001(c)/Alb M-029/Kalisch 141/
Music: Kalisch 139/Vinkov 4 72/Kaczer 427
Additional song notes: "Hymn of Youth" - "Youth Anthem" Hebrew Adaptation with Album Notes V-001(b) and Ephemera 1203
On album: B-086(a) (In Love And In Struggle/Musical Legacy of..Jewish Labor Bund -- אין ליבשאַפֿט און אין קאַמף\ די מוזיקאַלישע ירושה פֿונעם...בונד)
Track ID: 27558
Vocal Mlotek, Avram & Children's Chorus
Vocal New Yiddish Chorale
Vocal Workmen's Circle Chorale
First line: Yugnt geyt foroys! (2x) Undzer lid iz ful mit troyer,
First line (Yiddish):יוגנגט גײט פֿאָרױס (2)! אונדזער ליד איז פֿול מיט טרױער,
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Language: Yiddish
Style: Choral

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