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Title: Second Hand Rose (Eng)
On album: S-047(a) (Shalom Music of the Jewish People)
Track ID: 13300
Vocal Brice, Fanny
First line: Father has a business, strictly second hand,
Track comment: From the musical "Second Avenue, Nu?"

Title: The Sheik Of Avenue B (Eng)
On album: S-047(b) (Mazel Tov! More Music Of The Jewish People)
Track ID: 21432
Vocal Brice, Fanny

Title: I Don't Know Whether To Do It Or Not
Genre: Vaudeville/Theatre
Subject: Marriage/Indicision
On album: F-045(a)2 (From Avenue A To The Great White Way/ Yiddish & American Popular Songs/ Disk 2)
Track ID: 28536
Vocal Brice, Fanny
First line: I don't know why it is, but I'm crying, I should be happy like a goil would be
Track comment: Originally recorded Feb 18, 1916, Columbia A1973/Unknown Orchestra
Language: English
Style: Humorous/Dialect
Length: 03:05

Title: The Legend of Jewish Humor
Genre: Documentary/Performances
Subject: Humor/Culture/Jews/Comedians
On album: V0006
Track ID: 33828
Performer Brice, Fanny
Performer Cantor, Eddie
Performers Marx Brothers
Performer Caesar, Sid
Artist: Berle, Milton
Artist: Rivers, Joan
Artist: Lewis, Jerry
Artist: Waldoks, Moshe
Artist: King, Alan
Artist: Crystal, Billy
Director Bloomstein, Rex
Language: English
Length: 60:00

Title: I Don't Know Whether To Do...
On album: 002f (Brice, Fanny/Bernard, Rhoda/ I Don't Know Whether To Do.../ Nathan)
Track ID: 28819
vocal Brice, Fanny
vocal Bernard, Rhoda

Title: Nathan
On album: 002f (Brice, Fanny/Bernard, Rhoda/ I Don't Know Whether To Do.../ Nathan)
Track ID: 28820
Vocal Brice, Fanny
Vocal Bernard, Rhoda

Title: Becky Is Back In The Ballet
Author: Edwards, Leo
Genre: Vaudeville/Novelty/Humorous/Race
Subject: Ballet/Dance/Performer/Mother/Klutz
Additional song notes: Image of sheet music cover in Gottlieb, p 119
On album: J-035(a) (Jewface)
Track ID: 33546
Vocal Brice, Fanny
First line: Becky vus a dencer, look how she dences, nighttime and days,
Language: English
Style: Vaudeville/Dialect
Length: 3:24

Title: From Shtetl to Swing / Alden Films (Video)
Genre: Documentary/Show Business
Subject: Immigration/Integration/Music/Acculturation/Music/Persona
On album: V0147 (From Shtetl to Swing / Alden Films (Video))
Track ID: 35728
Performer Brice, Fanny
Performer Calloway, Cab
Performer Cantor, Eddie
Performer Garland, Judy
Performer Jolson, Al
Performer Marx Brothers
Performer Picon, Molly -- פּיקאָן, מאָלי
Performer Schwartz, Maurice
Performer Tucker, Sophie
Performer Berlin, Irving
Narrator Fierstein, Harvey
Language: English
Style: Narrative/Performances/Spoken Word

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