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Name: Tauber, Ruth

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Title: Ikh Hob Dikh Tsu Fil Lib -- איך האָב דיך צו פֿיל ליב
Also known as: I Love You Much Too Much
Author: Tauber, Chaim Shmuel (Shami) טױבער, חיים שמואל (שמאי)
Composer: Olshanetsky, Alexander -- אָלשאַנעצקי, אַלעקסאַנדער
Genre: Theater/Lament
Subject: Anger/Love/Rejection/Fool/Revenge
Origin: Alb T-005(c)/Metro Scher 29
Transliteration: Alb K-007(b)/Alb K-029(f)/Alb K-022(b)/Alb J-024(a)1/CD B-075(a)/CD F-042(a)/
Translation: Alb K-022(b)/Alb T-015(c)/Alb K-029(f)/Alb J-025(a)1/CD B-075(a)/CD F-042(a)
Music: SM Scher 2
Additional song notes: I Love You Much To Much Transliteration and translation in Ephemera 1552 From the play "Di Katerinshtshik" (The Organ Grinder), 1934/ See Heskes 2533
On album: K-029(f) (The Klezmer Conservatory Band Old World Beat)
Track ID: 7163
English Adaptation Tauber, Ruth
Artist: Klezmer Conservatory Band
Vocal Bressler, Judy
First line: Ikh hob dikh tsufil lib, tsu zayn oyf dir in kaas,
First line:איך האָב דיך צו פֿיל ליב, צו זײַן אױף דיר אין כּעס,
Language: Yiddish/English

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