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Name: Gardner, Rob

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Title: Di Tsukunft -- די צוקונפֿט
Also known as: Di Velt Vet Vern Yunger
Author: Winchevsky, Morris -- װינטשעװסקי, מאָריס
Composer: Winchevsky, Morris -- װינטשעװסקי, מאָריס
Genre: Labor/Literary Origin
Subject: Future/Improvement/Hope/Renewal/Change
Origin: Alb B-086(a)/Alb Y-007(a)/ML Perl 127Sh Sh 121
Transliteration: CD L-051(a)/Alb Y-007(a)/Alb B-086(a)/
Translation: Alb B-086(a)/CD L-051(a)/Alb Y-O07(a)/Sh Sh 121
Music: Alb Y-007(a)
Additional song notes: The Future
On album: F-047(a) (From Both Ends Of The Earth: Klezmer)
Track ID: 30854
Bass Koulack, Daniel
Clarinet/Soprano Sax/Sopilka Boychouk, Sasha
Piano Lerner, Marilyn
Vocal Wall, David
Doholla/Dumbeg/Riqq/Finger Cymbals/Various Percussion Lazar, Rich Shadrack
Tympony Gardner, Rob
First line: O. di velt vet vern yinger, un dos lebn laykhter, gringer
First line (Yiddish):אָ, די װעלט װעט װערן ייִנגער, און דאָס לעבן לײַכטער, גרינגער
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert
Length: 4:25

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