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Name: Cannon, Hughie

Songs written or composed

Title: Bill Bailey -- ביל בײלי
Author: Cannon, Hughie
Composer: Cannon, Hughie


On album: R-087(a) (Rags To Richard / Played by Richard Rubin)
Track ID: 36624
Piano Rubin, Richard
Language: English
Style: Instrumental / Piano/ Rag
Length: 2:24

On album: M-033(a) (Naomi's Chevereh Yiddish Is In My Genes)
Track ID: 2408
Vocal Miller, Naomi
Piano Beer, Rose
Vocal Naomi's Khevera
Artist Miller, Harvey
Drums Beer, Meir
First line: Kum shoyn aheym, Bill Bailey, kum shoyn aheym, ikh veyn a..
First line (Yiddish):קום שױן אַהײם, ביל בײלי, קום שױן אַהײם, איך װײן אַ גאַנצע נאַכט .
Track comment: Oyfn Pripetshik, Yome, Yome, medley of fragments
Language: Yiddish

On album: S-015(a)
Track ID: 2409
Vocal / Yiddish Adaption Schwartz, Teddi -- שװאַרץ, טעדי
First line: Won't you come home, Bill Bailey, won't you come home,
First line:קום שױן אַהײם, גדליה, קום שױן אַהײם, זי בעט אים און אַ שיר,
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Text and Transliteration with album notes
Language: Yiddish/English

Title: Won't You Come Home, Disraeli
Author: Sherman, Allan
Author: Busch, Lou
Composer: Cannon, Hughie
Genre: Parody/Humor
Subject: Benjamin Disraeli/Queen Victoria/Filandering
Additional song notes: Sung to "Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey."


On album: S-101(a) (My Son, The Celebrity Allan Sherman)
Track ID: 31297
Vocal Sherman, Allan
First line: When Benjamin Disraeli was prime minister of England, and good…
Language: English
Style: Theatre

Title: Vos Geyst Nisht Aheym Sore-Gitl? -- וווּס גייסט נישט היים שׂורה־גיטל?
Author: Nager, Arn,
Composer: Cannon, Hughie
Genre: Parody/Popular/Theater
Subject: Wife/Philander/Affrey/Violence
Transliteration: Alb k-176(a)
Translation: Alb k-176(a)
Additional song notes: Why Don't You Come Home Sore-Gitl


On album: K-176(a) (Katsha'nes/Don't Ask Silly Questions -- קאָטשאָנעס)
Track ID: 42866
Vocal Lachs, Vivi
Violin Curzon, FlorA
Vocal/Saxaphones Moore, Sarha
Vocal/Piano Wedell, Rebekka
Arrangers Katshanes
First line: In a sheyner zumer nakht gey ikh mir fartrakht, tref ikh mayn vaybl vi a taybl volkndik bay nakht in rizdhent strit…
First line (Yiddish):אין אַ שיינער זומער נאַכט גיי איך מיר פֿאַרטראַכט, טרעף איך מײַן ווײַל ווי אַ טײַוול וואָלקנדיק אין ריגזשענט סטרעט...
Language: Yiddish
Style: Parody/Pop
Length: 3:22

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