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Name: Dietz, Howard

Songs written or composed

Title: That's Entertainment -- דער קלאָן
Author: Dietz, Howard
Composer: Schwartz, Arthur
Genre: Theater
Subject: Audienc/Audience/Show Business/Characters/Clown/Dancers


On album: K-010(g) (32 World Famous Artists Sing Oldies Of The Yiddish Theatre)
Track ID: 21200
Vocal/Narration/Yiddish Adaptation Kressyn, Miriam -- קרעסן, מיריאַם
Narration Rechtzeit, Seymour -- רעכצײַט, סימאָר
First line: Der clown, mit zayn ponem vos glantst, tsu der tentser,
First line:דער קלאָן, מיט זײַם פּנים װאָס גלאַנצט, צו דער טענצער,
Track comment: Recorded under "The Clown" -Melody to "That's Entertainment"
Language: English/Yiddish
Style: Pop

Title: Moanin' Low
Author: Rainger, Ralph
Author: Dietz, Howard
Composer: Rainger, Ralph
Composer: Dietz, Howard
Genre: Pop/American/Theater/Lament
Subject: Love/Rejection/Sadness/Fear/Blues
Origin: Alb T-077(a)
Additional song notes: Sung by Sophie Tucker


On album: T-007(a) (Music Of The Jewish People featuring Dave Tarras Orchestra)
Track ID: 42702
Vocal Tucker, Sophie
First line: I'm feeling too bad, I'm feeling mighty sick and sore, so bad I feel. Isaid I'm…
Language: English
Style: Pop/American/Lament
Length: 2:54

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