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Title: Ale Brider (Video) -- אַלע ברידער (ווידיאָ)
Author: Winchevsky, Morris -- װינטשעװסקי, מאָריס
Genre: Folksong
Subject: Fraternal/Unity/Brotherhood
Song Comment: Folklorized song based on poem "Akhdes" by Morris Winchevsky
Origin: Kinderbuch 111/Albs B-004(c)/G-017(a)/G-019(a)/P-019(b)/ML MTAG 160
Transliteration: Albs K-51(a)/P-19(c)/P-19(b)/G-19(a)/G-17(a)/B-004(c)/Kinderbuch11/ML MTAG 160
Translation: Kinderbuch11/Albs B-004(c)/G-017(a)/Alb J-025(a)/P-019(b)/Alb V0121/Sh Sh 118
Music: Vinkov 2 182/Kinderbuch 111/ML MTAG 160
Additional song notes: All Brothers Song associated with the labor movement/Translation and article in Ephemera 1566 (p. 32) /Ephemera 1458 See 2012 program for translat and trnslit. Alb V0290-- What's Not To Like -- 2012
On album: V0121 (The Humanaires In Concert (Video))
Track ID: 34016
Vocal Humanaires
Vocal Perlmutter, Fagie
Conductor Berman, David
Pianist Baroyan, Zara
Narrator Sears, Sam Wade
Violin Altenberg, Jules
Clarinet Baker, Ed
Bass Lipton, Marty
Language: Yiddish
Style: Choral/Concert

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