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Name: Bach, Rabbi Larry

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Title: Vayb Un Kinder Nebekh Hungern -- ווײַב און קינדער נעבעך הונגערן
Author: Danielovitch, Hershele -- דאַנילאָוויטש, הערשעלע
Composer: Suarts, S.
Genre: Holocaust Song/Lament/Literary Origin
Subject: Wife/Children/Starvation/Hopelessness/Homeless/Pitiful
Transliteration: Ephemera 1458 - 2015
Translation: Ephemera 1458 - 2015
Additional song notes: My Poor Wife and Children Are Starving Ephemera 1458: See 2015 program for translat and translit
On album: V0290(4) (What's Not to Like, (Oct 18,2015): A Yiddish Songfest (Video) [Not Separated])
Track ID: 41642
Vocal Bach, Rabbi Larry
Piano Berman, Gary
Violin Li, Jenny
Violin Lin, Michael
Viola Da Gamba Thomsen, Fred Margolin, Connie
First line: Vayb un kinder nebekh shtarbn, sh'kheynim kukn krum un kaykhn, vil mir s'mazl…
First line (Yiddish):ווײַב און קינדער נעבעך הונגערן, ש'כנים קוקן קרום און קײַכעות וויל מיר ס'מזל...
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert/Sadly

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