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Name: Katz, Yovav / Herbert Kretzmer
Name (Yiddish): כּץ, יובב / קרעצמער, הערבערט

Tracks with this artist

Title: Are You Laughing Or Crying -- האם את בוכה או צוחקת
Author: Katz, Yovav -- קריבושי, דוד
Composer: Kribushey, Dovid -- קריבושי, דוד
On album: T-002(a) (Topol With The John McCarthy Singers & Goeff Love Orchestra)
Track ID: 1432
Composer Kribushey, Dovid -- קריבושי, דוד
Author Katz, Yovav / Herbert Kretzmer -- כּץ, יובב / קרעצמער, הערבערט
Vocal Topol, Chaim -- טופּול, חיים
Vocal Topol, Chaim -- טופּול, חיים
Vocal John McCarthy Singers
First line: The earth is a planet that circles the sun, and living is...
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Language: English

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