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Name: Les Miserables Brass Band

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Title: A Glezele Vayn -- אַ גלעזעלע װײַן
Genre: Instrumental/Klezmer
Additional song notes: A Little Glass of Wine
On album: K-051(a)
Track ID: 228
Artist: Les Miserables Brass Band
Artist: Harris, David
Track comment: From Abe Shwartz Orchestra
Language: Instrumental
Style: Instrumental

Title: Ale Brider -- אַלע ברידער
Also known as: Brothers All
Author: Winchevsky, Morris -- װינטשעװסקי, מאָריס
Genre: Folksong
Subject: Fraternal/Unity/Brotherhood
Song Comment: Folklorized song based on poem "Akhdes" by Morris Winchevsky
Origin: Kinderbuch 111/Albs B-004(c)/G-017(a)/G-019(a)/P-019(b)/ML MTAG 160
Transliteration: Albs K-51(a)/P-19(c)/P-19(b)/G-19(a)/G-17(a)/B-004(c)/Kinderbuch11/ML MTAG 160
Translation: Kinderbuch11/Albs B-004(c)/G-017(a)/Alb J-025(a)/ P-019(b)/Alb V0121/Sh Sh 119
Music: Vinkov 2 182/Kinderbuch 111/ML MTAG 160
Additional song notes: All Brothers Song associated with the labor movement Translation and Transliteration in Ephemera 1269 and also Alb B-126(a)
On album: K-051(a)
Track ID: 1130
Artist: Les Miserables Brass Band
First line: Un mir zaynen ale brider, ay ay, ale brider, un mir zingen..
First line (Yiddish):און מיר זײַנען אַלע ברידער, אײַ אײַ, אַלע ברידער, און מיר...
Track comment: feminist verse "Un mir zaynen ale shvester"
Language: Yiddish

Title: Bilvavi -- בּלבבי
On album: K-051(a)
Track ID: 2415
Artist: Harris, Dave and Frank London
Artist: Les Miserables Brass Band
Artist: London, Frank
First line:בּלבבי משכּן אבנה להדר כּבדו ובמשכּן מזבח אשים לקרני הודו
Track comment: In my heart I will erect a mishkin to glorify His honor,
Style: Instrumental

Title: Tshernovitser Bulgar (Instr) -- טשערנאָװיצער בולגאַר
On album: K-051(a)
Track ID: 15544
Artist: Les Miserables Brass Band
Track comment: Album indicates from "Broder Kapelye"

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