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Title: Di Tsayt Fun Di Karshn -- די צײַט פֿון די קאַרשן
Author: Clemen, Jean-Baptist
Composer: Renard, Antoine
Genre: Literary Origin/Love
Subject: Love/Courting/Cherries/Youth/Passage
Transliteration: Alb T-031(b)
Translation: Alb T-031(b)/Alb T-015(a)
Additional song notes: Written at the time of the Commune, 1791/Translated from the French "La Temps Des Cerises"
On album: T-015(f) (Talila Chante Le Yiddish Papirossn)
Track ID: 21588
Yiddish Adaptation Litvine, M.
Arranger Mortarelli, Pierre
Artist Talila
Accordion/Piano/Arranger Schaff, Eddy
First line: Ven mir veln zingen di tsayt fun di karshn,
First line (Yiddish):װען מיר װעלן זינגען די צײַט פֿון די קאַרשן,
Track comment: Translated from French - original by Jean-Baptiste Clement
Language: Yiddish

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