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Name: Milner, A.
Name (Yiddish): מילמער, אַ.

Tracks with this artist

Title: Der Furman -- דער פֿורמאַן
Also known as: Vyo Vyo Ferdelekh
Also known as: For Ikh Mir Aroys
Also known as: Der Bal Agole
Genre: Folk
Subject: Occupation/Wagon Driver/Coachman/Teamster/Bal Agole
Origin: Belarsky 217/Alb A-003(c)/
Transliteration: Belarsky 217/CD A-005(e)/Alb P-005(a)/Alb A-003(c)/CD D-004(l)
Translation: CD A-005(e)/Alb P-005(a)/Alb A-003(c)/CD D-004(l)
Music: Belarsky 31
Additional song notes: The Coachman

Related information in folder 688:On album: A-003(c) (Sholom Aleichem If I Were Rothschild Jewish Folk Songs)
Track ID: 3064
Vocal Gorovets, Emil (Rakhmil) Iakovlevich -- גאָראָװעץ, עמיל
Piano Valter, Naum G. -- װאַלטער, נ. ג.
Arranger Milner, A. -- מילמער, אַ.
First line: Bin ikh mir a furman, un hob mikh a por ferdelekh,
First line (Yiddish):בין איך מיר אַ פֿורמאַן, און האָב מיך אַ פּאָר פֿערדעליך,
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert

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