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Name: Monti, Vittorio

Songs written or composed

Title: Czardas Monti
Composer: Monti, Vittorio
Genre: Chardas/Fusion/Dance/Instrumental/Hungarian
Music: Sheet music #1153


On album: E-021(a) (Frieda Enoch and the Capital Klezmers String of Pearls -- שנירעלע פּערעלע)
Track ID: 24019
Author Monti, Vittorio
Artist: Capital Klezmers

On album: G-041(a) (The Golden Gate Gypsy Orchestra of America and California)
Track ID: 20300
Artist Golden Gate Gypsy Orchestra
Track comment: Orchestra a/k/a/ "Traveling Jewish Wedding"

On album: M-097(a) (Merovitz Project + Brass/ Live In Montreal -- דער מעראָוויץ פּראָיעקט)
Track ID: 36393
Synths Winograd, Michael -- ווינאָגראַד, מ.
Guitar Fox-Rosen, Avi
Guitar Fruchter, Yoshie
Bass Folman-Cohen, Ari
Drums Berry, Chris
Accordeon/Musical Director Oppenheim, Henri
Style: Pop/Instrumental/Klezmer
Length: 5:55

On album: M-032(a) (Maxwell Street Days Maxwell St. Klezmer Band)
Track ID: 2859
Composer Monti
Artist Maxwell St. Klezmer Band

On album: A-030(a) (Music For A Jewish Wedding Danny Albert And His Orcherstra)
Track ID: 2860
Artist Albert, Danny & Orchestra
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Recorded under "Montes Czardas"

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