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Name: Na'aman, Adith
Name (Yiddish): נעמן, עדית

Songs written or composed

Title: Apotek -- אַפּאָטעק
Author: Hershkowitz, Yankele -- הערשקאָװיץ, יאַנקעלע
Composer: Na'aman, Adith -- נעמן, עדית
Genre: Holocaust/History
Subject: Lodz/Ghetto/Pharmacy/Death/Medicine
Song Comment: Melody of "Der Rebe Elimelekh"
Origin: Alb H-038(a)
Translation: H-038(a)
Music: ML MTAG 68


On album: H-038(a) (Yankele Hershkowitz / Lodz Ghetto Songs -- יאַנקעלע הערשקאָװיץ \ לאָדז געטאָ לידער)
Track ID: 28406
Vocal Hershkowitz, Yankele -- הערשקאָװיץ, יאַנקעלע
First line: Opotek, opotek, gemakht hostu a veg, gemakht a veg ahin keyn marashin,
First line (Yiddish):אָפּטעק, אָפּטעק, געמאַכט האָסטו אַ װעג, געמאַכט אַהין אַ וועג קײן...
Language: Yiddish
Style: Acapella/Folk

Other tracks with this artist

Title: Eshet Lot -- אשת לוט
Additional song notes: Lot's Wife
On album: B-020(a) (Festival of Bible Songs -- פסטיבל שירי התנ"ך)
Track ID: 4832
Artist Tsemed Re'im -- זמד רעים
Composer Na'aman, Adith -- נעמן, עדית
Arranger Weiss, Alex -- וויס, אלעקס,
Language: Hebrew

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