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Name: Osherovits, M., arr
Name (Yiddish): אָשעראָװעץ, מ., עיבוד

Songs written or composed

Title: Mi Al Har Horev -- מי על הר חורב
Also known as: Eulogy Of Moses
Author: Obadiah The Proselyte
Composer: Osherovits, M., arr -- אָשעראָװעץ, מ., עיבוד
Genre: Medieval/Piyyut
Subject: Moses
Song Comment: "Amt" credited with text in liner notes of CD R-044(a)
Origin: Alb C-024(a)
Translation: Alb C-024(a)/R-044(a)


On album: C-024(a) (Chants De L'exil 1200-1600 Boston Camerata Joel Cohen)
Track ID: 10358
Artist Boston Camerata
Director Rubin, Joel
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Recorded under main title Le Pont Sacre: Juifs Et Chretiens
Language: Hebrew
Style: Chant

On album: R-044(c) (Juden im Mittelater-Aus Sepharad und Ashkenas/ Jalda Rebling)
Track ID: 28295
Lute Apel, Hans-Werner
Lute Maass, Stefan
Violin Ansong, Susanne
Harp Heller, Sabine
Portativ Heller, Veit
Percussion Metzler, Michael
Track comment: Who was as strong and sure in his belief as was Moses on Mount Horev?
Language: Hebrew
Style: Chant
Length: 04:34

Other tracks with this artist

Title: Al Na Tomar Li Shalom
On album: I-011(b)1 (The Great Songs Of the Last 30 Years First Album of Three -- השירים הגדולים של 30 השנים)
Track ID: 1086
Author/Composer Raviv, Tulya -- רביב, טולי
Artist Yarkoni,Yaffa -- יפה ירקוני
Artist Osherovits, M., arr -- אָשעראָװעץ, מ., עיבוד
Language: Hebrew

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