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Name: Ricklis, Ruth, percussion

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Title: Metsiya (Guess What, Heb) -- מציאה
On album: H-021(a) (Ohela Halevy Voice of Israel)
Track ID: 10329
Author Goldberg
Composer Miron, Issacar -- מירון, ישׂשׂכּר
Artist Halevy, Ohela
Artist Mishori, Nathan, flute
Artist Ricklis, Ruth, percussion
First line: Khavri, mi yodeya, ma metsati barekhov? Lo pruta, lo matbeya
First line:חברי, מי יודע, מא מצאתי בּרחב? לא פּרוטה ולא מטבּע, מצאתי בּרחוב
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Guess what I found just down the block. No it's not a coin..

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