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Name: Bellman, Carl Michael (1749-1985)
Name (Yiddish): לעם, מאַנפֿרעד

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Title: So Trolln Vir Uns (German)
On album: L-025(f) (Zwischen den Welten 10 Jahre MANFRED LEMM & ENSEMBLE)
Track ID: 25514
Author Bellman, Carl Michael (1740-1795)
Composer Bellman, Carl Michael (1749-1985) לעם, מאַנפֿרעד
Artist: Manfred Lemm Ensemble
Vocal Lemm, Manfred
Vocal Eckert, Achim
First line: So trolln wir uns ganz fromm and sacht von Weingelag und...
Track comment: Translated from the Swedish by Carl Zuckmayer

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