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Name: Schwartz, Risa and Menakhem
Name (Yiddish): שװאַרץ, ריסאַ און מנחם

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Title: Tevye Der Milkhiker (Excerpt) -- טבֿיה דער מילכיקער (אױסצוג)
On album: S-003(a) (Maurice Schwartz in Scenes and Episodes From Plays)
Track ID: 14940
Author Sholom Aleichem -- שלום עליכם
Composer Secunda, Sholom -- סעקונדאַ, שלום
Artist Schwartz, Risa and Menakhem -- שװאַרץ, ריסאַ און מנחם
Artist Mercur, Wolf -- מערקור, װאָלף
Vocal Schwartz, Maurice
First line:Scene between Khava and Tevya upon expulsion from village
Track comment: Shabos scene-Tevya lamenting after Khava's apostasy.

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