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Title: Tate, Gey In Mark Arayn -- טאַטע, גײ אין מאַרק אַרײַן
Also known as: Aba, Shel Na El Shuk
Author: Manger, Itzik -- מאַנגער, איציק
Composer: Seltzer, Dov -- זלצר, דב
Genre: Theater
Subject: Father/Daughters
Song Comment: From the play "Dray Hotsmakhs


On album: F-028(a) (Sholem Aleykhem Yidn! / Forward Hour, WEVD / December 29, 1974)
Track ID: 14838
Vocal Feingold, Maida -- פֿײַנגאָלד, מײדע
Vocal Polanskaya, Margarita -- פּאָלאַנסקײַאַ, מאַרגאַריטאַ
Vocal Bonus, Ben -- באָנוס, בען
Piano Gottlieb, Malke -- גאָטליב, מלכּה
First line: Tate, gey in mark arayn, s'iz shoyn shpet,
First line (Yiddish):טאַטע, גײ אין מאַרק אַרײַן, ס'איז שױן שפּעט,
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Radio broadcast of "Sholem Aleykhm, Yidn!"
Language: Yiddish

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