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Title: All Love Which Depends -- כּל אהבה שׁהיא
Also known as: Pirke Aboth 5:19
Genre: Religious/Commentary/Pirke/Mishna/Ethics/Pirke Aboth
Subject: Pirke Aboth 5:19/Love/Cause/Amnan/Tamar/David/Jonothan
Origin: Pirke 106
Translation: Pirke 106/Alb B-033(e)


On album: B-033(e) (Proverbs Of The Sages Beth Abraham Youth Chorale & Orchestra)
Track ID: 1181
Vocal Beth Abraham Youth Chorale
Director Kopmar, Khazn Jerome B.
Vocal Mizrahi, Khazn Abraham
Vocal Miller, Lisa
Artist: Beth Abraham Youth Orchestra
First line: All love which depends upon some material cause, When that ceases,...
First line (English):כּל-אהבה שׁהיא תלוּיה בדבר בּטל דבר בּטלה אהבה.
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Language: English
Style: Concert/Tenor Solo

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