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Album title: Adrienne Cooper In Memoram/ Podcast
Album ID: C-035(f)
Format: Audio CD
Publisher: John Kalish
Date of Issuance: 2012
Language: English
Provenance: Downloaded from the internet, January 2012
Genre: Spoken Word/Memorial
Where Produced: USA
Number of Tracks: 1


Title: Adrienne Cooper in Memoriam / Podcast
Genre: Spoken Word / Memorial
Subject: Adrienne Cooper/Memory/Tribute/Accomplishments/Sorrow/Joy
On album: C-035(f) (Adrienne Cooper In Memoram/ Podcast)
Track ID: 36763
Vocal Kalish, John
Vocal Shandler, Jeffrey
Vocal Goodhertz, Sophie
Vocal Noritch, Sam
Vocal Romaine, Jenny
Vocal Kaminsky, Mark
Vocal Weks, Michael
Vocal Gordon, Sarah Mina
Vocal Svigals, Alicia
Vocal London, Frank
Vocal Sloan, Judith
Vocal Reissa, Eleanor
Vocal Rosenthal, Philip
Vocal Gutkin, Lisa
Vocal Leuchter, Janet
Vocal Sokolow, Pete -- סוקולוב, פּסח
Vocal Mayer, Lisa
Language: English
Style: Spoken Word
Length: 16:00

Title: Yam Lid -- ים ליד
Author: Bialik, Khaim Nakhman -- ביאַליק, חיים נחמן
Composer: Shneour, Moyshe -- שניאר, משה
Genre: Zionist/Translation/Literary Origin
Subject: Zion/Yearning
Song Comment: Adapted from the Hebrew of Yehuda Halevi by Chaim Nakhman Bialik
Origin: Bugatch 80/Alb L-001(d)/ML PYS 212/
Transliteration: Bugatch 80/Alb K-042(c)/Alb L-001(d)/
Translation: ML PYL 212/Alb L-001(d)/Alb K-042(c)/Klezkamp 94 39/
Music: Bugatch 80/ML PYL 212/
Additional song notes: See Ephemera 80 for singable English adapation by Edith Finell.

Related information in folder 748:On album: C-035(f) (Adrienne Cooper In Memoram/ Podcast)
Track ID: 36764
Vocal Kaminsky, Mark
First line: Kh'hob fargesn ale libste, kh'hob farlozt mayn eygn hoyz, kh'hob dem yam...
First line (Yiddish):כ'האָב פֿאַרגעסן אַלע ליבסטע, כ'האָב פֿאָרלאָזט מײַן אײגן הײם,
Language: Yiddish
Style: Acapella/Field/Folk

Title: Volt Ikh Gehat Koyekh (Cooper) -- וואָלט איך געהאַט כּוח (קאָפּער)
Genre: Literary Origin
Subject: Peace/Strength/Steets/Shout/Plea
Transliteration: Album C-035(e)/Alb 126(a)
Translation: Alb C-035(e)/Alb 126(a)
Additional song notes: If I Had Strength
On album: C-035(f) (Adrienne Cooper In Memoram/ Podcast)
Track ID: 36765
Vocal Cooper, Adrienne -- קאָפּער, חנה־פֿריידע
Language: Hebrew
Style: Concert

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