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Album title: Manna From The World Of Jewish Song
Album ID: M-064(a)
Format: 33 1/3 rpm 12"
Publisher: Columbia Special Products, Limited Edition CSP 240
Date of Issuance: No Date
Language: English/Yiddish/Hebrew
Provenance: Gift of Linda Labove, 2001
Genre: Compilation/Pop
Where Produced: U.S.A.
Number of Tracks: 12


Title: Mazl Tov (Glad Singers)
Genre: Pop
Subject: Mazl Tov
Song Comment: Adapted from Tevye's Dream in "Fiddler On The Roof"
On album: M-064(a) (Manna From The World Of Jewish Song)
Track ID: 28408
Vocal Glad Singers
Arranger Glad Singers
First line: Mazl tov is repeated "pop" nigun style
Style: Pop/Modern

Title: Rad Halayla (Khasidic Nign) -- רד הלילה (חסידיש ניגון)
Author: Orland, Yakov -- ארלנד, יעקב
Genre: Pop/Israeli/Zionist
Subject: Evening/Dusk/Night/Return/Dance/Continuity/Circle
Origin: Bugatch 60/Alb S-063(a)/
Transliteration: Alb K-001(c)/Alb S-063(a)/Bugatch 60/Alb L-009(a)/Alb C-016(a)
Translation: Alb K-001(c)/Alb S-063(a)/Alb C-016(a)
Music: Netzer 14/Bugatch 60/
On album: M-064(a) (Manna From The World Of Jewish Song)
Track ID: 28416
Vocal Gill, Geula -- גיל, גאולה
First line: Rad halayla, (3x) rav shireynu, Habokeya lashamayim. Shuvi, shuvi horateynu,
First line (Hebrew):רד הלילה, רב שירנו, הבּוֹקע לשמים. שוּבי, שוּבי הוֹרתנו,
Language: Hebrew
Style: Spiritied/Hora

Title: A Yidishe Mame -- אַ ייִדישע מאַמע
Also known as: Yiddishe Mame
Author: Yellen, Jack
Author: Pollack, Lou -- פּאָלעק, לאָו
Composer: Pollack, Lou -- פּאָלעק, לאָו
Composer: Yellen, Jack
Genre: Memory/Family
Subject: Mother/Constancy/Devotion/Immigration
Origin: GYF 80/Alb F-024(e)/Alb K-007(b)/ Vinkov 5 301
Transliteration: Alb F-042(a)/Alb L-048(a)/Alb H-006(a)/Alb K-007(b)/GYF 83/Al K-022(b)
Translation: GYF 83/Alb I-013(a)/Alb H-006(a)/Alb R-009(b)/Alb K-059(d)/Vinkov 4 301
Music: GYF 81/Gold Zem 310/Vinkov 5 301
On album: M-064(a) (Manna From The World Of Jewish Song)
Track ID: 28417
Vocal Yarkoni,Yaffa -- יפה ירקוני
Conductor Osser, Glen
Arranger Osser, Glen
First line: Ver iz aykh bay der vigele, gezesn tog un nakht, un ver hot bay a krankn bet..
First line (Yiddish):װער איז אײַך בײַ דער װיגעלע, געזעסן טאָג און נאַכט,
Language: Yiddish
Style: Pop/Tenderly/Recicative

Title: I Could Have Danced All Night -- כ'װאָלט אַ גאַנצע נאַכט געטאַנצט
Also known as: Kh'volt A Gantse Nakht Getantst
Author: Lerner, Alan J.
Composer: Loewe, Frederick
Genre: Theatre/Musical
Subject: Dance/Triumph/Love
Origin: Alb M-009(a)
Transliteration: Alb M-009(a)
On album: M-064(a) (Manna From The World Of Jewish Song)
Track ID: 28418
Vocal Raz, Rivka -- רז, רבקה
Language: Hebrew
Style: Theatre/Concert

Title: Shalom (Milk And Honey)
Author: Herman, Jerry
Composer: Herman, Jerry
Genre: Theatre
Subject: Peace/Greeting/Language
Song Comment: From the musical "Milk & Honey", book by Don Appell
Origin: Alb K-022(b)
On album: M-064(a) (Manna From The World Of Jewish Song)
Track ID: 28419
Vocal Tucker, Richard
First line: Shalom, shalom, you'll find shalom the nicest greeting you know, it means...
Language: English
Style: Theatre/Concert

Title: Karev Yom -- קרב יום
Genre: Peysekh/Haggadah/Hymn/Prayer
Subject: Day/Night
Origin: Alb A-024(a)/Alb B-001(a)/Pasternak CH 148/Alb B-021(a)/
Transliteration: Pasternak CH 86/Alb H-034(a)/Alb C-016(a)
Translation: Pasternak CH 148/Alb B-001(a)/Alb B-021(a)/Alb H-034(a)/Alb C-016(a
On album: M-064(a) (Manna From The World Of Jewish Song)
Track ID: 28409
Vocal Yarkoni,Yaffa -- יפה ירקוני
First line: Korev Yom, korev yom, asher hu lo yom v'lo layla.
First line (Hebrew):קרב יוֹם, קרב יוֹם, אשר הוּא לא יוֹם ולא לילה.
Track comment: Bring near the day which is neither day nor night.
Language: Hebrew
Style: Pop/Modern/Khasidic/Accompanied by Orchestra & Chorus

Title: Eli Eli (Sandler) -- אלי אלי (סאַנדלער)
Author: Sandler, Jacob Koppel -- סאַנדלער, יעקב קאָפּעל
Composer: Sandler, Jacob Koppel -- סאַנדלער, יעקב קאָפּעל
Genre: Theatre/Lament/Religious
Subject: Plea/Persecution/Faith/Torture/Abandonment/Question
Origin: ML PYS 220/Ephemera 598/Metro Scher 31
Transliteration: Ausabel 676/Alb K-047(a)/ML PYS 220/Alb K-047(a)/Alb P-028(a)/L-048(a)/
Translation: Alb L-048(a)/Ausubel Folk 676/Alb K-047(a)/Alb R-009(b)/Vorbei 233
Music: Ausubel Folk 676/ML PYS 221/Metro Scher 31
Additional song notes: Cited in Nulman 74 Written For the play "Brokhe, Oder - DerYidisher Kenig Fun Poyln Oyf Eyn Nakht. - 1896. In Sheetmusic # 58 there are indications that the song was heard in various parts of Europe as a folk song, but then claimed by Sandler and Tomoshevsky because it was sung in their operetta "Brokha or The Jewish King of Poland for a Night". See Heskes entry 1194. Also transliteration and translation Published in Gottlieb 290 Org, Translit & Translt on Alb B-211(a) Ephemera 1458 See 2012 program for translat and trqqnslit. Alb V0290-- What's Not To Like -- 2012

Related information in folder 991:On album: M-064(a) (Manna From The World Of Jewish Song)
Track ID: 28410
Vocal Mathis, Johnny
First line: Eli, Eli lomo azavtoni? (2x) Mit fayer un flam hot men undz gebrent,
First line (Yiddish):אלי, אלי, למה עזבֿתּני? (2) מיט פֿײַער און פֿלאַם האָט מען אונדז..
Language: Yiddish
Style: Lament/Accompanied by Orchestra & Chorus

Title: Exodus
Author: Boone, Pat
Composer: Gold, Ernest
Genre: Film/Zionist
Subject: Israel/Land/Entitlement/
Additional song notes: See Gottlieb 135 for relationship to "Skeffington Arrives"
On album: M-064(a) (Manna From The World Of Jewish Song)
Track ID: 28411
Vocal Tucker, Richard
Orchestra Leader Henderson, Skitch
First line: This land is mine, God gave this land to me. This...and ancient land to me,
Language: English
Style: Operatic/Patriotic/Zionist/Concert

Title: Fiddler On The Roof (Eng)
Author: Harnick, Sheldon
Composer: Bock, Jerry
Genre: Theatre
Subject: Fiddler/Roof/Precarious Situation/Shtetl
On album: M-064(a) (Manna From The World Of Jewish Song)
Track ID: 28412
Artist: Village Stompers
Language: Instrumental
Style: Dixieland

Title: Mazl Tov Yidn -- מזל טובֿ ייִדן
Author: Lebedeff, Aaron -- לעבעדאָװ, אהרן
Composer: Lebedeff, Aaron -- לעבעדאָװ, אהרן
Genre: Theatre/Zionist
Subject: Joy/Thanksgiving/Israel/Celebration
On album: M-064(a) (Manna From The World Of Jewish Song)
Track ID: 28413
Vocal Lebedeff, Aaron -- לעבעדאָװ, אהרן
First line: Mazl tov Yidn, zayt ale freylekh, makht a lekhaim,
First line (Yiddish):מזל טובֿ ייִדן, זײַט אַלע פֿרײלעך, מאַכט אַ לחיים,
Language: Yiddish
Style: Vibrant/Joyfully/Orchestra/Chorus/Klezmer

Title: Hevenu Shalom Aleykhem -- הבאנוּ שלוֹם עליכם
Also known as: Lid Fun Sholom (Hevenu Shalom..)
Genre: Folk/Hora/Israeli
Subject: Peace
Origin: Coopersmith NJS 78/Alb E-009(a)/Bugatch 66/Alb L-015(a)
Transliteration: Bugatch 66/Alb H-002(c)/Alb G-005(c)/Alb S-085(a)/Alb E-009(a)/Alb L-015(a)
Translation: Coopersmith NJS 78/Alb S-085(a)/
Music: Coopersmith NJS 78/Bugatch 66/Kammen Jaff 4
Additional song notes: We Bring You Peace See Israeli and Jewish Song Hits for the Eb Alto Saxaphone Kammen Jaff Book Index M108.I82 1963, page 4 English adaptation by Pearl Bernyoe
On album: M-064(a) (Manna From The World Of Jewish Song)
Track ID: 28414
Vocal Yarkoni,Yaffa -- יפה ירקוני
Arranger Osser, Glen
First line: Hevenu shalom aleykhem
First line (Hebrew):הבאנוּ שלוֹם עליכם
Language: Hebrew
Style: Vibrant/Orchestra/Theatrical

Title: Tantas Bulgar (Instr) -- טאַנטאַס בולגאַר (אינסטר)
On album: M-064(a) (Manna From The World Of Jewish Song)
Track ID: 28415
Conductor/Arranger Previn, Andre
Style: Instrumental/Sentimental

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