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Name: Ratner, Moyshe
Born: 1875
Died: 1910
Comment: Noted in Lexicon for "Dos Fishele" & "New Yorker Trern"

Songs written or composed

Title: Dos Fishele -- דאָס פֿישעלע
Author: Ratner, Moyshe
Composer: Ratner, Moyshe
Genre: Zionist/Allegory
Subject: Wandering/Exile/Fish/Jordan River
Transliteration: Alb H-002(c)/Alb K-029(j)
Translation: Alb K-029(j)

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On album: H-002(c) (Cantor Jacob Hass Jewish Folk Songs..&..Hebrew...Melodies)
Track ID: 20724
Artist Hass, Cantor Jacob
First line: Dos fishele hot a mol in yarden gelebt, tsuzamen mit...
First line (Yiddish):דאָס פֿישעלע האָט אַ מאָל אין ירדן געלעבט, צוזאַמען מיט פֿישעלעך...
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Language: Yiddish

On album: K-029(j) (Klezmer Conservatory Band: A Taste of Paradise)
Track ID: 31041
Arranger Hochman, Israel J
Director/Alto Sax./Accordion/Piano Netsky, Hankus
Vocals/Arranger Bressler, Judy
Clarinet Stahl, Ilene
Violin/Background Vocals Strauss, Deborah
Flute/Piccolo Miller, Robin
Cornet/Trumpet Berney, Mark
Trombone Hamilton, Mark
Piano/Accordion Bailey, Art
Mandolin/Guitar/Tenor Banjo/Vocals Warschauer, Jeff
Bass Guttman, James
Drums/Percussion Smith, Grant
First line: A fishele hot amol in yardn gelebt. Gefilt zikh azoy gut in dem taykh.
First line (Yiddish):אַ פֿישעלע האָט אַמאָל אין יאַרדן געלעבט. געפֿילט זיך אַזױ
Language: Yiddish
Style: Klezmer

Title: A Froy In Mayn Shikzal Iz Shuldik -- אַ פֿרוי אין מײַן שיקזאַל איז שולדיק
Author: Ratner, Moyshe
Genre: Pop/Waltz/Lament
Subject: Judge/Drunk/Woman/Rejected/Destroyed/Suicide
Origin: Peppler 3 74
Transliteration: Ephemera 1485
Translation: Ephemera 1485
Additional song notes: A Wome Is To Blame For My Fate To the tune of "She Is More To be Pitied Than Censured"


On album: P-068(g) (Der East Side Fun Amol/ Jane Peppler & Friends)
Track ID: 41515
Vocal Peppler, Jane
Piano Enoch, Aviva
First line: In a 'courtroom' far a 'judge' iz geshtanen a man opgerisn, farshmakht,…
First line (Yiddish):אין אַ ,,קאָרטרום'' פּאַר אַ ,,דזשודזש'' איז געשטאַנען אַ מאַן, אָפּגעריסן..
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert/Waltz
Length: 4:21

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