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Name: Waletzky (Dovid Yudl), D. J.
Name (Yiddish): װאַלעטצקי, דוד יודל
Born: New York
Comment: Son of Joshua and Reyzl

Tracks with this artist

Title: Der Tats -- דער טאַץ
Also known as: The Cymbal
Author: Waletzky, Josh -- װאָלעטסקי, יהודה
Composer: Waletzky, Josh -- װאָלעטסקי, יהודה
Genre: Instrumental/Bulgar
Subject: Cymbal
On album: W-029(b)
Track ID: 28100
Artist: Waletzky (Dovid Yudl), D. J. -- װאַלעטצקי, דוד יודל
Artist: Warschauer, Jeff
Artist: Strauss, Deborah
Artist: Waletzky, Josh -- װאָלעטסקי, יהודה
Style: Instrumental/Klezmer/Classical/Concert/Bulgar
Length: 02:40

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