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Name: Continielo, U.
Name (Yiddish): קונטינאלו, א.

Songs written or composed

Title: Lo Teyda Milkhama
Author: Alyagon, Talma -- אליגון, תּלמה
Composer: Continielo, U. -- קונטינאלו, א.
Genre: Literary Origin
Subject: Land/Sunshine Sea/Bloddshed/Strife/Peace/Life/Hope/Survival
Transliteration: Sheet Music 1309
Music: Sheet Music 1309
Additional song notes: May You Never Know War Anymore

Sheet music:

Folder: 8
Series: 1
Arranger: Meisels, I. R.
Arranged for: Voice/Piano
Translator: Meisels, I. R.
Texts: English/Translation
Publisher: I. R. M.
Date: 1974
Provenance: Gift of Barbara Moskow, March 2014
First line: Eretz chemdat avotai, eretz sheli shemesh v'yam,
Notes: Printed Sheet Music


On album: R-023(a)
Track ID: 9277
Artist: Raitzin, Misha
Artist: Reisenman, Bob
First line: Eretz chemdat avotai, eretz sheli shemesh v'yam, eretz sheli ad matI,..
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Language: Hebrew

On album: Y-017(a)
Track ID: 9278
Artist: Gaon, Yehoram -- גאון, יהורם
Artist: Weiss, Alex -- וויס, אלעקס,
First line: Land that we love eternally, precious life of sunshine and sea, weary of…
Track comment: You Shall Not Know War
Language: Hebrew/English

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