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Name: Levi-Tanai, Sarah
Born: 1911
Note: Founder of Imbal dance troupe/See Vorbei 450

Songs written or composed

Title: Bagalil Haelyon
Author: Zeev, Aharon
Composer: Levi-Tanai, Sarah
Genre: Israeli Pioneer
Subject: Place/Upper Galilee/Shepherd/Child/Rain/Holiday
Transliteration: Vorbei 450
Translation: Vorbei 450
Additional song notes: "In Upper Galilee" Vorbei credits Zeev and Levi-Tanai with text and music. Chajes is credited as composer on S-063(a) for song titled "Galil" - seems to be the same song.


On album: V-015(h) (Vorbei… Beyond Recall, CD 8/ A Record of Jewish musical life in Nazi Berlin, 1933-1938)
Track ID: 31560
Vocal Roth, Mordecai -- ראָט, מרדכּי
Orchestra Leader Petruschka, Sigmund
Artist: Petruschka Orchestra -- אָרקעסטער פּעטרושקאַ
First line: Bagalil Haelyon galshu isim mehar azmon, galshu mehar azmon,
Language: Hebrew
Style: Concert/Medley

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