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Name: Katzman, Abe

Songs written or composed

Title: Keshenever Bulgar -- קעשענעװער בולגאַר
Also known as: Bulgar from Kishinev
Composer: Katzman, Abe
Genre: Klezmer/Instrumental/Bulgar/Freylekhs
Music: Comp Klez 37


On album: H-036(a) (I. J. Hochman Master of Klezmer Music Fun Der Khupe)
Track ID: 22541
Artist: Hochman's Orchestra
Track comment: Taken from 80 RPM Diamond Disc recorded Dec 9,1918 for The Edison Laboratories
Style: Instrumental/Klezmer

On album: K-074(a) (Kasbek Klezmer A La Russe Jewish Music from Eastern Europe)
Track ID: 24359
Artist Kasbek/ Frieder Breitkreutz b1944
Artist Karpen, Adnreas (1943)
Artist Muller, Christian/ Uwe Sauerwein
Track comment: With "Shtiller Bulgar"
Style: Instrumental

On album: 042c (Yidisher Orkester/ Di Yidishe Neshome/ Keshinever Bulgar)
Track ID: 29993
Artist: Yidisher Orkester -- ייַדישער אָרקעסטער
Style: Instrumental/Bulgar/Freylekhs

On album: K-092(a) (Yiddish & Klezmer Music/ From the Yale Collection of Historical Sound Recordings)
Track ID: 30727
Artist: Abe Katzman's Bessarabian Orchestra
Track comment: Originally recorded Brunswick 67048, New York, December 1927
Style: Instrumental/Klezmer
Length: 2:55

On album: R-051(a) (Nakhes Fun Klezmer / Doba Ressler & Di Bostoner Klezmer -- נחת פֿון קלעזמער \ דאָבע רעסלער און די באָסטענער קלעזמער)
Track ID: 32617
Trombone Bender, Brian -- בענדער, ברוך
Accordion Traub, Terry -- טראַוב, יאַנקל
Clarinet Ressler, Doba -- רעסלער, דאָנאַ
Style: Klezmer/Instrumental/Bulgar
Length: 3:05

On album: K-026(q) (Fiddler on the Road Rubinstein Klezmer Project Klezmer, Ladino, and Balkan Songs)
Track ID: 39001
Piano and Vocals Kolonomos, Thomas Yehuda Martincevic
Accordion Meskovic, Almir
violin Rubinstein, Ya'akov
Length: 2:55

On album: T-030(a) (Miscellaneous Transfers from 78's/ Diamond Discs Not In Collection (TCD-1))
Track ID: 30907
Artist: Hochman's Orchestra
Track comment: Same as H-36(a) track 3, but superior transfer from vault-held disc at ENHS
Style: Klezmer

On album: K-026(c) (The Compleat Klezmer Excerpts of 78 Recordings...)
Track ID: 7908
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Cassette compiled and mastered by Henry Supoznik.
Style: Instrumental/Klezmer

On album: S-067(a) (Abe Schwartz Master of Klezmer Music Volume One)
Track ID: 7909
Artist Abe Schwartz Orchestra -- אײב שװאַרץ אָרקעסטער
Track comment: From 78 recording
Style: Instrumental/Klezmer

On album: L-034(a) (Dayne Oygn Francois Lilienfed und "Galizianer" -- דײַנע אױגן)
Track ID: 7910
Artist: Galitsianer
Style: Instrumental/Klezmer

Title: Simkhas Torah In Kishenev -- שׂימחת תּורה אין קישענעװ
Composer: Katzman, Abe
Genre: Klezmer/Instrumental


On album: S-047(b) (Mazel Tov! More Music Of The Jewish People)
Track ID: 21436
Artist: Abe Katzman's Bessarabian Orchestra
Style: Instrumental/Klezmer

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