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Name: Kotlar, Moshe
Name (Yiddish): קוטלאַר, משע

Tracks with this artist

Title: Dem Ganevs Yikhes -- דעם גנבֿס יחוּס
Also known as: Dem Rebns Nign (Dem Ganevs...)
Also known as: Nign Khasidi
Also known as: Shmaravoznik
Also known as: Vos Bistu Broyges
Also known as: Vos Bistu Ketsele Broyges
Also known as: Yikhes
Genre: Folk/Underground/Thieves/Humorous/Insulting
Subject: Pedigree/Family/Father/Mother/Sister/Brother/Occupation
Song Comment: Same melody as "Dem Rebns Nigun"
Origin: Kotlansky 139/CD S-100(a)
Transliteration: Kotlansky 139/Alb K-020(a)/Alb O-009(a)/Alb J-024(a)CD L-054(a)
Translation: Alb J-024(a)/Alb O-009(a)/Kotylan 139/Alb Z-010(b)/CD S-100(a)/CD L-054(a)
Music: Kotlyan 140

Related information in folder 205:On album: Y-002(c) (Yaffa Yarkoni Remembers -- חרחורת כשיפה ירקוני היתה יפה גוסטין)
Track ID: 2974
Author Kotlar, Moshe -- קוטלאַר, משע
Artist Yarkoni,Yaffa -- יפה ירקוני
Track comment: Recorded under title "Chassidic 'Nigun'", Hebrew words
Language: Hebrew

Title: Shtetl M.O.
Also known as: Bay Dem Shtetl
Also known as: In The Valley
Additional song notes: See "Bay Dem Shtetl"
On album: A-060(b) (Songs From the Attic/ Lider Fun Boydem 4/ The Best of 78 Records/Bulbes -- לידער פֿון בוידעם 4\ די בעסטע פֿון 78 פּלאַטן, בולבעס)
Track ID: 35971
Vocal Kotlar, Moshe -- קוטלאַר, משע
First line: Bay dem shtetl shteyt a shtibl, mit a grinem dakh, un arum dem shtibl vaksn…
First line (Yiddish):בײַ דעם שטעטל שטײט אַ שטיבל, מיט אַ גרינעם דאַך, מיט אַ גרינעם דאַך,
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert/Klezmer

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