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Name: Sam Medoff Orchestra
Also known as: Medoff, Sam Orchestra

Tracks with this artist

Title: Dayenu -- דינוּ
Genre: Holiday/Haggadah/Passover/
Subject: Sufficiency/Torah/Sabbath/Israel/Exodus/Egypt/Thankfullness
Origin: Coopersmith NJS 54
Transliteration: Coopersmith NJS 54/Alb K-022(b)/Alb R-001(a)/Schwartz 14
Translation: Coopersmith NJS 54/Alb R-001(a)/Schwartz 14/Metro Album 13
Music: Coopersmith NJS 54/Schwartz 14/Metro Album 13
On album: T-007(j) (Dave Tarras Yiddish-American Klezmer Music 1925-1956)
Track ID: 2936
Clarinet Tarras, Dave -- טאַראַס, דײװ
Artist: Sam Medoff Orchestra
Artist: Yiddish Swingettes
Style: Instrumental

Title: Shpet Bay Nakht -- שפּעט בײַ נאַכט
On album: R-016(f) (Seymour Rechtzeit Yiddish Favorites)
Track ID: 19121
Author Kressyn, Miriam -- קרעסן, מיריאַם
Composer Medoff, Sam
Vocal Rechtzeit, Seymour -- רעכצײַט, סימאָר
Ensemble Conductor Sam Medoff Orchestra
First line: Her ir meydlekh, ergets shpilt men azoy sheyn muzik,
First line:הערט איר מײדלעך, ערגעץ שפּילט מען אַזױ שײן מוזיק,

Title: Sha Shtil! -- שאַ שטיל!
Genre: Anti-Khasidic/Humorous/Folk/Satire
Subject: Rebe/Khasidim/Dance/Sing/Activities
Origin: Vinkov 3 100/Alb L-022(a)/ML PYS 144/Alb B-007(b)/Alb B-036(a)/C-060(a)
Transliteration: Alb B-036(a)/Silverman YSB 96/Alb S-083(a)/Alb G-005(c)/Alb M-049(a)
Translation: Alb M-049(a)/Alb S-068(b)/Alb S-083(a)/Alb L-048(a)/Silver 96/C-060(a)
Music: Vinkov 3 100/Kremer 40/Silver 96/ML PYS 144/
On album: L-047(a) (L'Chaim Music of the Jewish People)
Track ID: 26526
Vocal Spencer, Nate & Malavsky Sister
Artist: Sam Medoff Orchestra
First line: Hush, hush, stop now all your prancing, the rabbi's...
First line:שאַ! שטיל! מאַכט נישט קײן גערידער! דער רבּי גײט שױן טאַנצן װידער
Track comment: Malavsky Sisters used name "Marlin Sisters" recorded 1947
Language: English/Yiddish

Title: Dos Keshenever Shtikele -- דאָס קעשענעװער שטיקעלע
Composer: Traditional
Genre: Place/Folk
Subject: Kishinev/Poverty/Troubles/Possessions/Riches/Celebration/
Transliteration: K-029(a)/K-029(f)/S-022(e)/Alb T-031(b)
Translation: K-029(a)/K-029(f)/Alb T-031(b)
Additional song notes: Earliest recording of his song in the archive is is on a 78rpm performed by Moyshe Oysher (catlg 043p) is designated as a "folk song". Liner notes in some Some later recordings credit Oysher as composer and lyricist. Liner notes on Album L-029(a) (Klezmer Conservatory) indicate that the music is "Traditional" and the lyrics are Oysher's version of the folk song "Mayn Tayere Kishenev"
On album: 043p (Oysher, Moyshe/ Dos Keshenever Shtikele/ Grine Bleter)
Track ID: 30018
Artist: Sam Medoff Orchestra
Vocal Oysher, Moyshe -- אױשער, משה
Language: Yiddish

Title: Grine Bleter (Manger) -- גרינע בלעטער (מאַנגער)
Also known as: Frunze Verde (Manger)
Author: Manger, Itzik -- מאַנגער, איציק
Composer: Traditional
Genre: Literary Origin
Subject: Gypsy/Fiddle/Possessions/Wine/Blood/Fate/Past/Future
Origin: Alb L-061(a)
Transliteration: Alb L-061(a)/Alb M-049(a)
Translation: Alb L-061(a)
On album: 043p (Oysher, Moyshe/ Dos Keshenever Shtikele/ Grine Bleter)
Track ID: 30019
Artist: Sam Medoff Orchestra
Vocal Oysher, Moyshe -- אױשער, משה
Language: Yiddish

Title: In Mayn Shtetl Shteyt A Shtibl
Additional song notes: See "Bay Dem Shtetl"
On album: K-092(a) (Yiddish & Klezmer Music/ From the Yale Collection of Historical Sound Recordings)
Track ID: 30733
Vocal Oysher, Moyshe -- אױשער, משה
Artist: Sam Medoff Orchestra
First line: In mayn shtetl shteyt a shtibl mit a grinem dakh, mit a grinem dakh,
First line (Yiddish):אין מײַן שטעטל שטײט אַ שטיבל, מיט אַ גרינעם דאַך, מיט אַ גרינעם..
Track comment: Originally recorded Banner B-576, published ca. 1948-49
Language: Yiddish
Length: 2:34

Title: Bridegroom Special
Genre: Klezmer/Swing
On album: K-026(m) (Klezmer! Jewish Music From Old World To Our World)
Track ID: 28086
Orchestra Conductor Medoff, Sam
Artist: Sam Medoff Orchestra
Clarinet Tarras, Dave -- טאַראַס, דײװ
Track comment: Originally recorded 1938
Style: Yiddish Melodies in swing

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