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Title: Adama (Zeira)
Author: Zeira, Mordecai -- זעירא, מרדכי
Composer: Zeira, Mordecai -- זעירא, מרדכי
Genre: Israeli/Pioneer
Subject: Planting/Farming/Zionist/Peysekh
Additional song notes: Mother Earth


On album: H-007(a) (Ilamay Handel sings Portraits of Jewish Life in Song)
Track ID: 860
Vocal/Narrator Handel, Ilamay
Piano Rocke, Cecile
Narrator Hirsch, Sam
Language: Hebrew
Style: Concert

On album: H-025(a) (Jerusalem The Music of its People Sara Osnath Halevy)
Track ID: 858
Artist Halevy, Sara Osnath
Conductor/Arranger Wesby, Ivo
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Language: Hebrew

On album: J-002(a) (Judishe Gesang Voices of Israel Chorale Oratorio de Paris)
Track ID: 855
Artist Oratio de Paris
Director Neumann, Max
Language: Hebrew

On album: S-034(a) (Songs & Stories Of The Jewish Holidays Herb Strauss)
Track ID: 856
Vocal Sapoznik, Henry -- סאַפּאָזניק, הענעך
Artist Straus, Herb, vocal and narration
Language: Hebrew

On album: S-043(a) (A Recital of Israeli and Yiddish Songs by Elly Stone)
Track ID: 857
Artist Stone, Elly
Language: Hebrew

On album: B-056(b) (Halevi Choral Society/Orch Hall Concert Jacob Barkin, Tenor)
Track ID: 859
Composer Mindlin, Avrom
Vocal Barkin, Khazn Jacob -- באַרקין, חזן יעקבֿ
Artist Halevi Choral Society
Artist Reznick, Hyman, cond
Track comment: Part of 14 song medley under name "Ba'uverinnu"
Language: Hebrew

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