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Album title: Art Raymond Presents
Album ID: R-002(a)
Publisher: Tikva Records T 118


Title: Hora (Heb) -- האָרע (עבֿרית)
On album: R-002(a) (Art Raymond Presents)
Track ID: 6768
Vocal Grobard, Avram -- גראָבאַרד, אַבֿרהם
Language: Hebrew

Title: A Dudele -- אַ דודעלע
Also known as: Dem Berditshevers Rovs Dudke
Author: Barditshever, Reb Levi Yitskhok -- באַרדיטשעװער, רעב לוי יצחק
Composer: Barditshever, Reb Levi Yitskhok -- באַרדיטשעװער, רעב לוי יצחק
Genre: Religious
Subject: Khasidic/Faith/Praise/Presence/Melody
Origin: Kotylan 36Album/L-038(d)
Transliteration: Kotylan 36/Album R-034(k)/Album L-038(d)
Translation: Alb B-001(a)/Alb D-002(b)/Album R-034(k)/Album L-038(d)
Music: Kotylan 37
On album: R-002(a) (Art Raymond Presents)
Track ID: 123
Vocal Zimel, Sol
First line: Reboynu shel olam, Ikh vel dir a dudele zingen, du du du du,
First line (Yiddish):רבוֹנוֹ של עוֹלם, איך װעל דיר אַ דודעלע זינגען, דו דו דו דו,
Track comment: Words and music traditionally credited to Reb Levi Yitskhok
Language: Yiddish

Title: A Glezele Yash -- אַ גלעזעלע יש
Also known as: Yash
Author: Kerler, Yosef -- קערלער, יוסף
Composer: Shainsky, Vladimir -- שײנסקי, װלאַדימיר
Genre: Drinking
Subject: Getting High/Dancing/Troubles/Drink/Whiskey/Poverty
Song Comment: " & "Vayb" for Man
Origin: ML MTAG 68/Alb R-049(a)/Alb M-059(f)
Transliteration: ML MTAG 68/Alb K-26(d)2/Alb L-038(a)/K-029(j)/Alb 049(a)/Ephemera 1458
Translation: Alb K-042(b)Alb L-038(a)/Alb K-026(d)2/K-029(j)/Alb 049(a)/Ephemera 1458/
Music: ML MTAG 69
Additional song notes: A Small Glass Of Whiskey (Booze) Also Translit and Translat in Album M-059(f) See "Hash"/same song except "Hash" is substituted for "Yash" & "Vayb" for Man Ephemera 1458: See 2015 program for translat and translit
On album: R-002(a) (Art Raymond Presents)
Track ID: 232
Vocal Dan, Yoel and his Trio -- דן, יואל ושלישיית
First line: Ven ikh nem a bisele yash, oy-oy, finklt alts un glantst;
First line (Yiddish):װען איך נעם אַ ביסעלע יש, אױ־אױ, פֿינקלט אַלץ און גלאַנצט;
Language: Yiddish

Title: Balkan Rhapsody
Genre: Klezmer/Scat
Subject: Memory/ Joy / Fiddles
On album: R-002(a) (Art Raymond Presents)
Track ID: 1902
Vocal Oysher, Moyshe -- אױשער, משה
First line: My heart sings in me when I hear fiddles play,
Track comment: Rumanian melody (Bessarabian)
Language: English

Title: Der Yid Der Shmid -- דער ייִד דער שמיד
Also known as: A Yid A Shmid
Also known as: Lomir Zingen A Yidish Lid
Also known as: Yid A Shmid
Also known as: Shmideray
Author: Younin, Wolf -- יונין, װאָלף
Composer: Heifetz, Vladimir -- חפֿץ, װלאַדימיר
Genre: Occupation/Children
Subject: Occupation/Blacksmith/Yiddish/Song
Origin: ML PYS 90/CD H-039(a)/Kinderbuch 100
Transliteration: Alb L-001(a)/Alb T-018(a)/CD H-039(a)/Kinderbuch 101/Kinderland 6
Translation: Alb T-018(a)/Kinderbuch 101/CD H-039(a)
Music: Kinderbuch 100
Additional song notes: The Jew, The Blacksmith
On album: R-002(a) (Art Raymond Presents)
Track ID: 3451
Vocal Freeman, Mort -- פֿרימאַן, מאָרט
First line: Lomir (4x), makhn an eygn lid, eyns-tsvey dray,
First line (Yiddish):לאָמיר, לאָמיר, לאָמיר, לאָמיר מאַכן אַן אײגן ליד, אײנס-צװײ-דרײַ,
Language: Yiddish

Title: Golden Dream (Eng)
On album: R-002(a) (Art Raymond Presents)
Track ID: 5738
Vocal Sloan, Mimi
First line: You are my only inspiration, a golden dream that cannot fade

Title: It's So Nice To Have A Man Around The House -- ס'איז גוט אַ מען האָט אַ מאַן בײַ זיך...
Author: Elliot, John
Composer: Spina, Harold
Genre: Pop/Love
Subject: Husband/Wife/Marriage Conveniences/Advatages
Additional song notes: Yiddish Adaptation by Mirriam Kressyn
On album: R-002(a) (Art Raymond Presents)
Track ID: 7561
Author Spina-Elliot / E. H. Morris (?)
Vocal Rechtzeit, Seymour -- רעכצײַט, סימאָר
Narration Kressyn, Miriam -- קרעסן, מיריאַם
First line: It's nice to have a man around the house, oy, s'iz gut men..
First line:אױ, סיאיז גוט מען האָט אַ מאַן בײַ זיך אין הױז, ער זאָל זײַן אַ...

Title: A Nign -- אַ ניגון
Also known as: A Yid A Kaptsn (Leybush...Nign)
Also known as: Leybush Lehrers Nign
Author: Lehrer, Leybush -- לערער, לײבוש
Composer: Weiner, Lazar -- װײַנער, לאַזאַר
Genre: Literary Origin/Khasidic
Subject: Poor Man/Kaptsn/Melody/Nigun/Contention/God
Origin: Alb L-001(a)/ML PYS 112/Alb L-022(a)/CD S-100(a)/SM Moskow 56
Transliteration: Alb L-001(a)/Alb L-004(a)/ML PYS 112/Alb L-049(a)//SM Moskow 56
Translation: ML PYS 112/Alb L-049(a)/Alb D-002(a)/Alb L-004(a)/Alb L-022(a)/CD S-100(a)
Music: ML PYS 113//SM Moskow 56
Additional song notes: Known in Camp Boiberik as "Leybush Lehrer's Nigun" See Ephemera 80 for singable English adapation by Edith Finell. L. Magister is pseudonym for Leybush Lehrer

Related information in folder 740:On album: R-002(a) (Art Raymond Presents)
Track ID: 9144
Artist Zimel, Paul
First line: Iz a kaptsn a mol gevezn, flegt er nor mit Got zikh krign,
First line:איז אַ קבצן אַ מאָל געװעזן, פֿלעגט ער נאָר מיט גאָט זיך קריגן,
Track comment: Known in Camp Boiberik as "Leybush Lerer's Nigun."

Title: Kol Nidre -- כּל נדרי
Genre: Religious/Liturgical/Yom Kipur
Subject: Vows
Origin: Alb B-033(i)
Translation: Alb R-009(b)/Alb B-026(b)/Alb B-033(b)/V0121

Related information in folder 779:On album: R-002(a) (Art Raymond Presents)
Track ID: 8585
Artist Porter, Stan
First line (Hebrew):כּל נדרי ואסרי וחרמי וקוֹנמי וכנוּיי ןקנוּסי וּשבוּעוֹת דנדרנא
Track comment: May all vows made sincereley by man to Thee, o God, since...
Language: Hebrew

Title: Vi Sheyn Der Frimorgn -- װי שײן דער פֿרימאָרגן
On album: R-002(a) (Art Raymond Presents)
Track ID: 16562
Artist Bonus, Ben -- באָנוס, בען
First line: Vi sheyn der frimorgn, vi sheyn, ven zun nemt tusbislekh...
First line:װי שײן דער פֿרימאָרגן, װי שײן, װען זון נעמט צוביסלעך אױפֿגײן,
Track comment: Recorded under "Beautiful Sunrise"

Title: Yankele -- יאַנקעלע
Also known as: Shlof Mayn Yankele
Also known as: Shlof Shoyn Mayn Yankele
Author: Gebirtig, Mordkhe -- געבירטיג, מרדכי
Composer: Gebirtig, Mordkhe -- געבירטיג, מרדכי
Genre: Folk/Lullabye
Subject: Child/Sleep/Teeth/Crying/Student/Wet/Khosn
Origin: ML MTAG 08/Alb K-014(a)/GYF 60/Alb L-022(a)/Alb F-024(e)/
Transliteration: GYF 63/ML MTAG 08/Alb R-007(f)1/Alb R-001(a)/Alb P-001(a)/Alb L-022(a)
Translation: Alb H-006(a)/Alb G-022(a)/Alb K-014(a)/GYF 63/Alb O-001(c)/Alb P-001(a
Music: ML MTAG 09/GYF 61/
Additional song notes: See also Ephemera 918 for Yiddish text, translation and transliteration

Related information in folder 745:On album: R-002(a) (Art Raymond Presents)
Track ID: 17134
Vocal Bern, Mina -- בערן, מינע
First line: Shlof zhe mir shoyn, Yankele, mayn sheyner, Di eygelekh,
First line (Yiddish):שלאָף זשע מיר שױן, יאַנקעלע, מײַן שײנער, די אײגעלעך, די...
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert/Folk

Title: Yerusholaim Shel Zahav -- ירושלים של זהב
Also known as: Jerusalem Of Gold
Also known as: Yerusholaim Shtot Fun Gold
Author: Shemer, Naomi -- שמר, נעמי
Composer: Shemer, Naomi -- שמר, נעמי
Genre: Place/Israeli
Subject: Jerusalem/67 War
Song Comment: Yiddish Translation Ephemera 250
Origin: Alb I-001(b)/Bekol Ram 9/Alb B-032(a)/Alb F-007(c) [Yid]/
Transliteration: Bekol Ram 9/Alb B-032(a)/G-069(a)
Translation: G-069(a)/Alb B-076(a)/Alb C-023(h)/Alb F-007(c) [Yid]/Alb B-032(a)
Music: Netzer 21

Related information in folder 528:On album: R-002(a) (Art Raymond Presents)
Track ID: 17298
Artist Sabras
First line: The old trees stand in silence, upon the hills of time,
Track comment: Verses translated with Hebrew chorus.
Language: English/Hebrew

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