A Celebration of Women Writers

Local Editions by Copyright Status:

The following editions of on-line books have been created by A Celebration of Women Writers. For each book, the copyright status in the United States of America has been determined based on its publication history. Each book fits one of the following categories: Copyright expired (works published before 1927), Copyright not renewed (works published after 1926 but not renewed), or Reproduced with permission (works published after 1926 and still under copyright). All books on the Celebration website are either in the public domain due to expiration or non-renewal of their original copyrights, or they are under copyright and have been reproduced with permission of their authors.

You can view local editions by "Author", "General Category", "Library of Congress Subjects", and "Copyright Status". If you are interested in all works by a particular author, consult the listing of "Local Editions By Author".


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